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Brian Murphy


Brian Murphy
The Sportsman's Interactive Deer Hunting Pro

Brian is a wildlife biologist and the Executive Director of the Quality Deer Management Association.

Brian received a B.S. degree in Range and Wildlife Habitat Management from Texas Tech University in 1989 and a M.S. degree in Wildlife and Forestry from the University of Georgia in 1992.

While completing his undergraduate degree in Texas, Brian worked on several prominent whitetail ranches in central and southern Texas where he participated in several landmark projects on habitat use and movements by mature whitetail bucks and interactions between whitetails and exotics. For his contributions to these projects and his academic achievements, Brian was awarded with "The Most Outstanding Wildlife Senior" award during his final year.

In graduate school, Brian studied under noted whitetail authorities Drs. R. Larry Marchinton and Karl V. Miller where his research focused on scent communication and reproductive biology of white-tailed deer. During the last year of graduate school, Brian was awarded the E. L. Cheatum Wildlife Excellence Award given to the most outstanding graduate student within the School of Forest Resources.

Following graduation, Brian was employed as a Wildlife Research Coordinator for the University of Georgia where he was responsible for overseeing the University's captive whitetail herd and coordinating all whitetail research. During this period, Brian participated in several key projects including the most comprehensive study on deer color vision ever conducted.

In late 1993, Brian accepted a position as Deer Project Officer in Tasmania, Australia. This was a unique opportunity because, at that time, there were no wildlife biologists in Australia with expertise in wild deer management. During Brian's four years in Australia, he implemented the largest and most comprehensive data collection program ever conducted in the country and implemented a highly successful Quality Deer Management program that increased the number of quality bucks harvested by hunters by 329%. During his last year in Australia, Brian was contracted to establish a Game Management Unit within the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, only the second such unit in Australia. For his accomplishments, in 1996 Brian was awarded with the National Conservation Award from the Australian Deer Association, the largest deer hunting association in Australia.

Upon returning to the United States in late 1997, Brian accepted the position of Executive Director with the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) which he currently holds. The QDMA is national non-profit organization dedicated to ethical hunting and sound deer management. Brian now directs all of the Association's activities and conducts numerous seminars on all aspects of deer biology and management throughout the United States. For more information on the QDMA, you can check out their web site at or call them at 1-800-209-DEER (3337).

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