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Mid-Michigan Branch Quality Deer Management Association

Premium Food Plot Photos With Short Narrative

By Ed Spinazzola


The below hand held tools are all you need to get started!!! 1. A backpack type sprayer (3 gl minimum, example, solo model no. 425), 2. A hand operated over the shoulder broadcast spreader (example earthway model 2700A), and 3. A chainsaw

hand tools

1st Spraying of Contact Herbicide (Round Up) in late May 1997 (2nd spraying June 30th and 3rd spraying Sept. 15th). Note the vigorous growth of the bracken fern, which is considered difficult to control. There is absolutely no soil disturbance throughout the process of establishing a premium food plot. The last spraying around September 15th should eliminate all native plant competition. Disturbing the soil only brings to the surface new weed seeds that would be allowed to germinate.

Ed's food plot

Lush Growth of Legumes in Late June 1998. Note the absence of bracken fern and other weeds in the food plot, as compared to the distinctive line bracken of fern growing in the background. Also note the bedded doe. Of the many bucks observed in this food plot during the 1998 Michigan bow season, four young bucks presented a shot but were passed on. There was no bait used throughout the year. The food plot is acre in size and each process from spraying to broadcasting seed and fertilizer took less than 15 minutes. The clearing of the brush (note the pile) with chainsaw was accomplished in one weekend during the winter of 1997.

lush legumes, bedded doe

Ed's 1998 food plotFirst broadcast of fertilizer in early May following frost seeding of a meadow mix of legumes in early March 1998. Note the trash from the previous years vegetative growth, which was killed with three sprayings. This is ideal, plenty of bare soil contact, plenty of trash present to prevent drying of soil and no weeds growing or grass of any kind, for minimum competition.


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