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E0723 Growing Evergreen Trees from Seed, 2pp., 0.05
E0771 Tree Planting in Michigan, 12pp., 1.00*
E1172 Growing Christmas Trees in Michigan, 12pp., 0.75*
E1552 Aspen Management in Michigan, 4pp., 0.30
E1656 Timber Sale Contracts, 12pp., 0.75*
E1983 Gypsy Moth in Mich - Guide for Home & Woodlot Owners, 8pp., 0.50*
E2061 Pine Needle Midge, 2pp., 0.30
E2299 Comparing Gypsy Moth w/Forest Tent & E. Tent Caterpillars, 2pp., 0.00
E2301 Barrier Bands to Suppress Gypsy Moth, 2pp., 0.00
E2332 Identifying Trees of Michigan, 24pp., 2.00*
E2417 Phomopsis Canker of Spruce, 2pp., 1.00*
E2451 Pest Alert: Common Pine Shoot Beetle, Tomicus piniperda (L.), 2pp., 0.25
E2560 Control of Pine Root Collar Weevil, 2pp., 0.75*
E2584 Using Tree Shelters to Establish Northern Red Oak & Hardwood, 8pp., 0.50
E2585 Pheromone Traps & the Gypsy Moth, 2pp., 0.25
E2592 Pesticides for Use in Forest & Seed Tree Orchards in NCR, 38pp., 2.00*
E2593 Pesticides for Use in Conifer Nursery Production in the NCR, 41pp., 2.00*
E2600 Biology & Control of Zimmerman Pine Moth in Christmas Trees, 2pp., 0.75*
E2604 Entomophaga maimaiga - A Natural Enemy of Gypsy Moth, 2pp., 0.50
E2612 Managing Red Pine Plantations for Utility Poles, 12pp., 2.00*
E2615 Pine Shoot Beetle Compliance Prog for Christmas Tree Growers, 2.50*
E2622 Calosoma sycophanta: A Natural Enemy of Gypsy Moth Larvae, 2pp., 0.50
E2633 Common Oak Defoliators in Mich (It's not always gypsy moth), 4pp., 0.50
E2635 Forest Ecology Series: Forest Terminology & Ecological Syst, 4pp., 0.50
E2636 Forest Ecology Series: Site Conditions & Forest Cover, 4pp., 0.50
E2637 Forest Ecology Series: Soils & Site Productivity, 4pp., 0.50
E2639 Forest Ecology Series: Measuring Site Quality, 4pp., 0.50
E2640 Forest Ecology Series: Tree Parts & Functions, 4pp., 0.50
E2641 Forest Ecology Series: Continuous Change in the Forest, 4pp., 0.50
E2654 Identification & Management of Orange-striped Oakworm, 2pp., 0.50
E2676 Christmas Tree Pest Manual, 143pp., 20.00*
E2679 Biological Control of Insect Pests in Forested Ecosystems, 122pp., 17.50*
E2694 Identification & Management of European Pine Sawfly, 4pp., 0.50
E2695 Identification & Management of Fall Webworm, 2pp., 0.50
E2700 Natural Enemies of Gypsy Moth: The Good Guys, 4pp., 0.50
E2708 Green Industry Evaluation of Michigan Urban Trees, 124pp., 5.00*
E2746 Biol & Mgmt of Beech Bark Dis-Mich's Newest Exotic Forest Pe, 12pp., 0.50
E2752 Herbicides for Year-of-Planting Weed Control in Hardwood, 4pp., 0.50
E2753 Site Preparation and Tree Planting for Forest Production, 4pp., 0.50
E2754 Controlling Broadleaf Weeds and Grasses for Plantation Site, 4pp., 0.50
NCR251 Effective Herbicide Use in Christmas Tree Plantations, 12pp., 1.00*
NCR310E Shearing Recommendations for Christmas Tree Producers, 8pp., 0.55*
NCR343 Minimizing Federal Income Tax for Forest Landowners, 8pp., 1.20*
NCR479 Recom Species for Christmas Tree Planting (In N. Cent. U.S.), 16pp., 1.50*
NCR528 Diagnosing Shoot-Boring Insects of Pines, 6pp., 0.50
NCR605 Planting Oaks for Timber & Other Uses, 12pp., 1.50*
RR557 The Genetic Improvement of Jack Pine in Michigan, 26pp., 0.00
RR565 Costs & Returns of Michigan Christmas Tree Production 1997, 24pp., 0.00
VT033 Living with the Gypsy Moth - 1998 Edition (Video), 10.00*