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  Game Species

White-tailed Deer
Odocoileus virginianus
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Hunting Publications

Some of the following documents are currently available in Adobe PDF form. To view these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Select a link below to view the document.

Guides/Hunting Information

Procedure for Initiation, Evaluation, and Review of Mandatory Quality Deer Management Proposals (PDF 290KB)

DEER HUNTER ALERT: 2000 Combination Deer License

Clarification and Information on "Baiting" and "Feeding" Regulations

1999 Leftover Antlerless Deer Hunting Licenses

1999 Shiawassee Deer Hunt Information

1999 Recommended Antlerless Deer Hunting Quotas

1999 Antlerless Deer Guide

Issue Reviews/Regulation Publications

Deer Season Bag Limits 1/13/00 (PDF 15KB)

Firearm Deer Season Opening Date 7/8/99 (PDF 21KB)

Regulation of Baiting in the Northeastern Lower Peninsula of Michigan 7/8/99 (PDF 15KB)

Antler Restrictions for Deer Management Unit 107 6/10/99 (PDF 14KB)

Deer Management Regulations 6/10/99 (PDF 33KB)

Deer Management Unit Boundaries 5/13/99 (PDF 26KB)

Use of Bait Statewide 4/8/99

Disease Control Permit Modifications 3/11/99 (PDF 14KB)

Regulation of Baiting in the Northeastern Lower Peninsula of Michigan 3/11/99 (PDF 16KB)

Deer Baiting Issues in Michigan 2/26/99 (PDF 44KB)

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