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Mid-Michigan Branch Quality Deer Management Association

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The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is a non-profit wildlife conservation organization dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for white-tailed deer and white-tailed deer hunting. Our mission is to promote ethical hunting, sound deer management and positive relationships among hunters, non-hunters, landowners and biologists through education. Membership in the QDMA is open to anyone with an interest in the wise management of white-tailed deer. The QDMA currently has members in more than 40 states and four foreign countries including the largest number of deer management professionals of any organization dedicated to the white-tailed deer.

The QDMA was founded in 1988 due to a concern by many landowners, hunters and biologists about the future of deer management and deer hunting. Across much of the white-tail's range, increasing deer populations and decades of over-harvesting of young bucks had resulted in large deer herds with heavily skewed adult sex ratios favoring females and very young buck structures. Increasing deer/vehicle collisions and damage by deer to crops, timber and the environment were also serious concerns. This revolution came with the introduction of Quality Deer Management and this "movement" is sweeping the country!

The Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA was formed in September 1996 by its founder Ed Spinazzola. This is the first QDMA group in Michigan and Ed continues to be most active as President and leader of our group in the promotion of Quality Deer Management (QDM). The Branch has over 200 members and is rapidly growing! We hold quarterly (Jan, Apr, July & Oct) meetings at Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare, Michigan and along with the "Quality White-tails" journal of the QDMA, offers a forum for our membership to communicate. There are also periodic mailings keeping Branch members informed of the latest developments in Quality Deer Management and regulations in Michigan and throughout the country.

Quality Deer Management typically involves restricting the harvest of young bucks, increasing the harvest of female deer, improving deer herd nutrition, maintaining accurate records and enhancing hunting experiences. A hunter's involvement in QDM extends his or her roll from a mere consumer to that of a manager.

The Code of Conduct was developed by the QDMA to help enhance the public image of deer hunters and deer hunting. Click here to review Code!!!

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