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March 3, 2002

Dear QDMA Member,

For those of you who did not hear, QDMA has formed a Montcalm County Branch.

Our next meeting will be held at Stanton Elementary School on Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 6:30pm located at 710 N. State Street, just north of Main Street. Perry Russo, the thumb branch president will be our guest speaker. In addition, I will have 250 plastic QDMA signs available for purchase at $5.00 a piece. It is very important that these signs are on the street this deer season.

A necessity to the livelihood of our chapter is fundraising. We will be having a raffle at the April meeting to cover costs that we have and will incur in the future.

As future means of communication, you can always update yourself at www. and click on hot topics.

Stephen Foster or myself will be emailing or U.S.mailing you color flyers to post at all sporting goods, gas stations etc. to get the word out about the April meeting.

Be sure to check periodically to make sure flyers are still posted or need replacement.

I have presented a written proposal to the DNR requesting a minimum buck harvest four points or bigger on one side, we are currently waiting for a response. You may review the proposal on

I will be in Lansing on March 7, 4:30 pm in front of the NRC committee presenting our QDMA request. David Freeman and other branch presidents will be attending the presentation with me.

I have borrowed a stencil from the thumb branch to make signs. At the March 7, 2002 meeting in Lansing, I will be giving David Freeman 4x8 signs that need to be posted on main roads in the county. We need you to start contacting landowners that are for QDMA and who have property on highly traveled roads, to see if we can place these signs on their property.

Thanks for all your hard work and efforts.

Sincerely, Work # 248-357-6124

Brent Beshears Home# 248-624-3222

Montcalm County Branch President Email: