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Mid-Mich Branch DQM

Minutes -January 2000

Directors present:

Ed Spinazzola - President

Frank Myers - Vice-President

Phil Andres - Treasurer

Perry Russo

Mark Yenkel

Motion made by Bruce Patterson to accept the minutes, seconded by Frank Myers Motion carried

Treasurer's report-

as of end of December we have $2973.89 in the checking accounts

Prepared a annual financial report for National -

Income - $8751

Expenses- $7707

Excess income over expenses - $ 1044

Motion made by Bruce Patterson to accept Treasurer's report -

seconded by Phil Andres

Motion carried

Education Committee report

Ed sending a request to the Michigan Lottery Commission to request a permit to sell raff le tickets.

Might not be able to sell tickets at Jay's during sidewalk sales days. Ed will try to get permission. The following people have voiced commitment to help at Jay's Kid Day, August 12th: Ed Spinazzola, Marc Yenkel, Bruce Patterson, Phil Andres,Frank Myers,

and Sheila and Robert Jacobson, hope to get about a dozen.

No speakers for the seminar, as of yet. Ed stated he will get somebody.

Try to get Mitch Repala-

Work with national to locate one.

Motion by Bruce Patterson, seconded by Frank Myers,directing the Education Committee to proceed with setting up a raffle and seminar including locating speakers for the seminar. The date for the seminar to be the 2nd Saturday after Labor Day,

2000. Most likely located at Jay's.

Motion carried

Motion by Frank Myers and seconded by Perry Russo to advertise DOM and Seminar in local conservation districts newsletters of Clare and Gladwin Country and the Gladwin Country Fair Advertisements.

Motion carried

Deer Spectacular - Perry Russo -

This year National will carry half the cost and we man the booth at Deer Spectacular (our cost$89.19)

Motion was made by Marc Yankel seconded by William Sciesky to pay $89.19,the cost of having as booth at Michigan Deer Spectacular, February II th, 12th, and 13th. Perry R will organize this event for DOM.

Motion carried

Motion was made by Bruce Patterson, seconded by Marc Yenkel that we give to Jay's personal, (Jeff and JJ Poet, Ken Logan, and Ron Lawence), and two deer processor,( Steve Tinwallde and Ernie Simon) a letter of thanks, and membership and/ or renewal in DOMA for their help in the deer aging and data collecting program.

Motion carried

Town hall meeting at Jay's Feb. 6th, 1:00 - 3:00:

Doug Reaves, from DNR, will give a small talk.

John Woffe will be monitor of the discussion and speaking at this meeting.

Ed Spinazzola will talk about 15 - 20 minutes about to talk about mandatory regulations of DOM and how it is working nationally.

Gary Anderson from the west Branch having Brian Murphy, from DOMA, speaking

April 15th, in Ludington, at the Marina Auditorium at a cost of $200 plus.

A motion was made by Bruce Patterson and seconded by Frank Myers to give $200, to Gary Anderson for rental of the hall, in support to this presentation.

The following people volunteered to help with the hunter safety class held at Jay's'in July and August: Ed Spinazzola, Frank Myers, Bruce Patterson, Marc Yenkel, Phil Andres and Bill Solesky. Tom Dygert is the Jay's contact person.

Motion was made by Bruce Patterson and seconded by (TAPE ENDED )to pay for and change our web page to a shorter address.