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logo Mid-Michigan Branch Quality Deer Management Association

Minutes of January 21, 2001 General meeting and

February 3, 2001 Board of Director Meeting

Meeting called to order by President Ed Spinazzola. Board members present: Ed Spinazzola, Phil Andres, Bob Jacobson, Bill Sclesky, Boyd Wiltse and Marc Yenkel. General membership and guest attendees: Mike Allshore, Leon Hank, Sheila Jacobson, Richard King, Bruce Patterson, Keith Seltz, Dick Shellenbarger, Ron Southwell, Bill Tuberille, Al Urban and Carl Wheeler.

Announcements: Next quarterly general meeting will be held April 7, 2001, 12 Noon at Jay's Sporting Goods, Clare, MI.


February 3, 2001 Special Board of Directors Meeting

A special meeting was called for February 3, 2001 to formulate the Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA position on the legalization and use of crossbows, and assign representatives to the Special State crossbow study group chaired by NRC Commissioner Jerry Bartnik (initial group meeting date of February 7). Members/Directors present were Ed Spinazzola, Phil Andres, Chuck Jones, Norm Engel, Frank Myers, Ted Novak, Bruce Patterson, Bill Sclesky, Boyd Wiltse, and Marc Yenkel. A summary of crossbow pros and cons from a wildlife and hunter standpoint was developed and used in arriving at the Branch's position below. Reference material included information from other states DNR agencies and outdoor writer articles.