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Minutes from October 9th 1999 meeting

(1) 12:03 moved by Bruce Patterson and 2nd by Frank Myers to open meeting

(2) Absence board members- Boyd W, Mark Y, Bob J, and Perry R.

Guest- Al Lupinski and Steve Stuck

(3) Motion by Ted N. and 2nd by Frank M to accept secretary's report ( no changes)

(4) Motion by Ted N and 2nd by Frank M to accept the Treasurer's report

raffle - $6590 Expenses - $3452 Net - $ 3588 Report National $6730 seminar - $5786 - Net - $984 -1/2 $500 to National

Motion by Bruce P and 2nd by Phil A to pay Boyd W postage and Web page expenses - six months

Now treasurer's report $4207 minus $957 - Boyd's postage and $ to National

leaves $2800 (?).

(5) Educational reported that there was nice showing and turn out and program at the seminar.

Moved that Boyd W send letters to Carl Miller and LaPatt thanking them for presenting and for cutting their fees. Will include pictures and coupons for TGIF.

(6) Aging - Ed S talked about sizing and aging of deer. Included was discussion of the forms and procedures.

Dates for aging at Jay's Oct. 31 st

Nov. 21 st

Dec. 1 2th

Jan. 2

Time 12-2 each date

Mark Y arrives

Mark Y explains that Jay's donated 1 00 hats;200 mugs; and $500 for raff le- to be given to each who stops and donates information.

(7) Motion by Ed N and 2nd by Frank M to have at seminar with a facilitator and a sign up to speak and 2 min. time line ( like NRC )

Mark Y will look for date, sonietime after Jan. meeting

Look to have Brian Murphy to Facilitate, (coming to Michigan in Feb.

(8) Table date for next seminar, ( maybe winter).

(9) Aug 14th Jay's Kids Day ( 12-14 DOM members helped.

reccomended to send a letter to Jay's thanking them for the gift cert. given to helpers

(10) PerryRhashad4DOMmeetinginhisarea(80peopleattendedwithnumerous new members.

(1 1) No old business

(1 2) New business- discussion followed about working jointly with the DNR, MDA, DQM, and the DEQ. Possible discussion topic might be enclosures, joint agreements and laws concerning number harvested VS. any.

(13) next regular meeting Jan. 8th, 2000 at 12:00, noon, at Jay's Sporting Goods in clare, Mi.

(14) Meeting Adjourned at 1:45 PM