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Mid-Michigan Branch Quality Deer Management Association

April 10, 1999, 12 Noon, Jay's Sporting Goods, Clare, MI

(Free--Public Welcome)


  1. Open Meeting at 12 noon (Jay's - Outback Room)
  2. Roll Call Board of Director's Present
  3. Secretary's Report (Boyd Wiltse)
  4. Treasurer's Report (Phil Andres)
  5. Educational Committee Report and Seminar Planning for 1999 (Ed Spinazzola)
  6. Feedback on March NRC/DNR Meeting and Procedure for Handling QDM Proposals (Ed Spinazzola)
  7. QDM Cooperatives and Methodology for Forming (Roundtable Discussion)
  8. Feedback on January 16th Minden Townhall Meeting - QDM for DMU 124 and the January 30th QDM Meeting in Scottville (Perry Russo and Ed Spinazzola)
  9. Draft Document Quality Deer Management Working Group (Ed Spinazzola)
  10. March 10, 1999 NRC/DNR Meeting Feedback (Roundtable Discussion)
  11. Promote and establish new QDM demonstration areas How, where, when, etc? (Roundtable Discussion)
  12. Sub-Branch Areas and Contacts (Boyd Wiltse)
  13. Separate Design for DNR Successful Hunter Patches One for QDM Doe / Buck, and One for Legal Buck (Boyd Wiltse)
  14. Old Business
  15. New Business
  16. Announcements - The next regular quarterly meeting for the Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA will be July 10, 1999 at 12 noon, Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare, MI
  17. Adjourn Meeting

  Let Him Go So He Can Grow!

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