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Mid-Michigan Branch Quality Deer Management Association

June 13, 1998, 12 Noon, Jay's Sporting Goods, Clare, MI  


  1. Open Meeting at 12 noon (Jay's - Outback Room)
  2. Roll Call Board of Director's Present
  3. Secretary's Report on Minute's of April 11, 1998 Meeting (Boyd Wiltse)
  4. Treasurer's Report (Phil Andres)
  5. Educational Committee Report (Ed Spinazzolla)
  6. Agenda for September 12th Seminar and Door Prize Gifts (roundtable discussion)
  7. DMU 107 Committee Report and Feedback on May 13, 1998 Presentations to the NRC (Mark Yenkel and Ed Spinazzola)
  8. NRC/DNR Up-date / General Discussion (Dick Shellenbarger)
  9. Joint Whitetails Unlimited / Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA Banquet (George Rice)
  10. 1998 Hunter Award Program / Prizes (Ted Novak)
  11. Membership / Local Dues / QDMA Plans and Some Things to Look for in the Whitetails Journal (Boyd Wiltse)
  12. Raffle Tickets (Ed Spinazzolla and Ted Novak)
  13. Old Business
  14. New Business
  15. Announcements - The next regular bimonthly meeting for the Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA will be August 8, 1998 at 12 noon, Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare, MI
  16. Adjourn Meeting




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