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Mid-Michigan Branch
Quality Deer Management Association
Minutes of October 10, 1998 Meeting, 12 noon at Jay's Sporting Goods


Meeting called to order by President Ed Spinazzola. Board members present: Ed Spinazzola, Phil Andres, Ted Novak and Boyd Wiltse. General membership attendees: Dave Bowman, Leon Brown, Gary Hoffman, Lynn Grencz, Bruce Patterson, Adrianne Pringle, Dick Shellenbarger and Al Urban.

Ed opened the meeting with a brief prayer reminding us to be thankful for another magnificent day to be alive and enjoy the woods. New members Dave Bowman, Leon Brown and Gary Hoffman were to the introduced to the group.

The group also agreed that it was important for us to remain visible and actively pursue QDM education activities throughout the year. In this regard, QDMA members will assist D.N.R. personnel in manning a deer aging station at Jay's Sporting Goods on November 7th and December 12th. Bruce Patterson will make arrangements with Jay's including advertising/notice to the deer hunters.

Bruce Patterson motioned that nametags be furnished to those who show up for meetings or personally contact Ed or Boyd. Motion 2nd by Dick Shellenbarger. Motion carried.

As Ed says, let's keep the fun in hunting and deer management!

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.


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