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Mid-Michigan Branch

Quality Deer Management Association

Minutes of July 10, 1999 Meeting, 12 noon at Jay's Sporting Goods


Meeting called to order by President Ed Spinazzola. Board members present: Ed Spinazzola, Phil Andres, Bob Jacobson, Frank Myers, Perry Russo, Marc Yenkel and Boyd Wiltse. General membership and guest attendees: Joey Burk, Rian Andres, Don Dawson, Norm Engel, Bruce Greehoe, Randy Hebner, John Houvener, Chad Huber, Randy Hebden, Sheila Jacobson, Jerry Lerette, Harold "Mac" McKellar, Dave Parsons, Dave Steenhuizen, Al Urban.

Marc Yenkel motioned that the Branch purchases 3,000 seminar flyers. Motion 2nd by Frank Myers and motion carried. Boyd Wiltse will make printing arrangement. It was further agreed that a dinner at the Doherty Hotel would be provided to the speakers at the end of the day's program.

Ed also provided an overview of the following planned actions:

    1. Sept. 18th QDM seminar.
    2. Oct 1st through Jan. 1st continued survey.
    3. Townhall meeting in January.

Marc will make arrangements for obtaining QDM property signs (with the QDM objectives) to be passed out to all hunters presenting their deer at Jay's. Motion 2nd by Bob Jacobson. Motion carried.

Also, Marc proposed that we allocate $500 for prizes to encourage hunters to bring their deer to Jay's for inspection as to age, antlers, TB, etc.

Dave Parsons also spoke of the QDM interest in the Charlevoix area!

As Ed says, let's keep the fun in hunting and deer management!

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.