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Natural Resources Commission January 25, 2000

Stevens T. Mason Building

530 W. Allegan St.

PO Box 30028

Lansing, MI 48909

Subject: Mandatory Statewide Quality Deer Management Proposal

Dear Commissioners:

I am sorry that I won't be able to attend the February 9, 2000 NRC meeting but am writing to share some of my thoughts regarding Quality Deer Management (QDM) and the Mid-Michigan Branch proposal that will be presented during this meeting.

I see the State working in a most positive manner on several important deer issues, including the TB and excess deer conditions. However, it continues to be somewhat puzzling that very little is occurring when it comes to having a more balanced sex ratio and even age distribution throughout our deer herd. This is basic deer management/biology and a desired goal that I think most if not all of us can agree upon.

While I've heard some say they don't think it's that important, I have not heard anyone come out and say, it would not be beneficial to the deer herd. And there are several studies out there advocating the importance of balanced buck/doe ratios along with an even age distribution.

We may not agree on how to go about it (voluntary, regulatory, etc.) but hopefully we can agree that it should be done and take action accordingly. The Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA proposal, that will be presented by Ed Spinazzola, represents a pro-active approach for improvement in this area. We need leadership and promotion, starting with the DNR, in order to accomplish balanced sex ratios and even age distribution for our deer herd. It's time to step-up to the plate!




Boyd Wiltse, Secretary Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA

10365 Winding Valley Rd.

Brighton, MI 48116-8840

(810) 231-95690; E-mail:


cc: K. L. Cool

G. Burgoyne

R. Humphries

W. Moritz

P. Squibb

J. Urbain