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February 9, 2000



Natural Resources Commission

P.O. Box 30028

Lansing, MI 48909

Dear Commissioners:

In the interest of sound deer management and herd improvement, the Mid-Michigan Branch of the Quality Deer Management Association makes the following proposal.

Proposed Buck Harvest Guidelines:

Based on our estimates, the resulting adult sex ratios would be 1:1.6 in the Upper Peninsula, 1:1.7 in the Northern Lower Peninsula, and 1:1.7 in the Southern Lower Peninsula. Protecting 50% of the yearling bucks in the DMU 107 demonstration area creates an approximate adult buck-to-doe ratio of 1:2. Protecting nearly 100% of the yearling bucks along with 20% of the 2 Ĺ-year-olds would result in an approximate 1:1 adult buck-to-doe ratio.

Proposed Doe Harvest Guidelines:

An adequate harvest of antlerless deer (particularly adult does) is often the most important component of a successful QDM program. Consequently, we make the following proposal:

Proposal Benefits:

Based on the introduction of similar guidelines in other states (e.g., Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, etc.), the following benefits could be expected if this proposal was implemented.

Our Branch believes this proposal is both scientifically and socially valid and would result in improved management and stewardship of the white-tailed deer resource in Michigan. Your consideration of this proposal is greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,



Ed Spinazzola, President

Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA