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May 12, 1999


Natural Resource Commission

P. O. Box 30028

Lansing, MI 48909

SUBJECT: DMU 107 Proposal

Dear Commissioners:

You have before you a decision to make that addresses the biological make-up of our deer herd in DMU 107. My understanding is that a decision can be made from protecting spikes to allowing (4) pts. on a side as a minimum for the first buck.

The proposal as noted to protect spikes should be viewed as an introduction to the concept of restraint. It is not a QDM concept. Passing on spikes protects 20% of the 1 year old bucks in DMU 107. In a few generations there could be evidence of gene degradation of the deer population in 107. This should be considered when making your decision.

A minimum rule of (3) pts. on a side (Mr. Mark Yenkels proposal) protects 50% of the 1 year-olds in 107. This standard is viewed as a minimum and should be looked on as a start when practicing quality deer management.

Four pts. on a side minimum rule in 107 protects 85% of the yearling bucks. When coupled with an adequate harvest of does, we are now talking about sound and scientific deer management. The voters of Michigan overwhelmingly favored Proposal "G". I agree with them. An adequate harvest of does and protecting the majority of the 1 year old bucks is a major practice in achieving a more natural deer population.

Our fishing rules seem complicated with all the variations on where, when, and what kind of fish is legal. They, however, serve a purpose in maintaining a healthy and good supply of game fish for all to enjoy. These rules also demand a most important characteristic of decision making and restraint in the sports person. I believe decision making and restraint should be asked of our deer hunters. A person in possession of an antlerless deer license and a buck only license can now shoot any deer that walks. The "Brown its Down Syndrome" should go the way of the dodo bird. There should be a provision in the deer hunting rules that protects a segment of our deer throughout the state. A young buck fits that bill.

Another very important reason in having a protected slot is safety. Too many serious hunting accidents occur because of sound and brown shots.

I urge the commissioners to show the same values of wisdom and courage that was shown when the hard decision was made for baiting.

For all of the above and other reasons I propose a minimum four pts. on a side for the first buck taken in DMU 107 for 5 years as a demonstration area. Another option is to adopt Mr. Yenkels proposal of last year which had 72% approval of landowners and 68% approval from the hunters of DMU 107.

Keep the fun in hunting!



Ed Spinazzola

President: Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA