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June 9, 1999 qdmalogo

Natural Resource Commission

Subject: Quality Deer Management - DMU 107 Proposal - Branch Activities - Other

Dear Commissioners:

Good evening. My name is Boyd Wiltse and I am representing the Mid-Michigan Branch Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA). Thank you for giving me this opportunity to address the Commission. I would like to take this time to briefly discuss the Quality Deer Management proposal for DMU 107 and some other thoughts on QDM including Branch activities.

A. Mid-Michigan Branch Supports Marc Yenkel’s Quality Deer Management Proposal

B. Clarification of Mid-Michigan Branch Options Presented to the NRC on May 12th

C. Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA / DNR Positions on Marc's DMU 107 Proposal



D. Regulatory versus Voluntary QDM

E. Mid-Michigan Branch QDM Education Schedule for 1999

F. Summary






Boyd Wiltse, Secretary Mid-Michigan Branch QDMA

10365 Winding Valley Rd

Brighton, MI 48116-8840

810-231-9560; E-mail:

PS - Let's become pro-active and imaginative.

Proposal: A statewide buck permit lottery system coupled with an antler restriction of 4 points or more on one side for those not drawing a permit.