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Congratulations and Thanks!!!

Sheila Jacobson, Prudenville, Michigan is one of four women chosen by a panel from MUCC, MSU and MDNR (Outdoor Programs for Michigan Women) for the Title of Outdoor Women of the Year 2001/2002. She was chosen in part because of her work teaching young and old about Michigan's outdoors. An outdoor writer with an all women's white-tail deer video, a co-authored wild foods story cookbook, as well as teaching deer hunting skills on Beyond B.O.W. weekends.

Robert (Bob) Jacobson, Prudenville, Michigan received a Special Conservation Award from MUCC at the 2001 Annual Convention for habitat work with the Michigan Conservation Foundation - Roscommon County Chapter. Projects included construction of a $20,000 wildlife viewing platform and a $28,000 fishing platform on the Houghton Lake Flats.

Bob and Sheila are Board Members of the Mid-Michigan Branch of the QDMA.