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June 16, 1999

Hi neighbor,

You can break open the champagne and celebrate. Mr. Marc Yenkel through dogged determination has gotten the NRC to pass his proposal (see press release dated 6-16-99). I sincerely believe this is the straw that will break the back of resistance. Thanks to the efforts of the likes of Mr. John Wagner who succeeded in making DMU 101 possible by convincing DNR and NRC officials to try QDM. Because of them and all others who actively supported these visionaries we are indebted. Now the fun begins!

Mark the date of September 18th on your calendar. This will be our 6th Quality Deer Management Educational Seminar. It will be held at Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare, starting at 11:30 a.m. Dr. Karl Miller of the University of Georgia will be our key speaker with two 45-minute slots. His discussions will revolve around the mating interactions of deer, scents rubs, scrapes, behavior etc. There is no charge for this seminar. The cost will be borne by the sale of raffle tickets. You will receive (3) tickets in this mailing. Please help us out. If you can do more call Ed Spin (810-784-8090) or write a note with the money and stubs you return. Also, please return any tickets you're unable to sell. Money, ticket stubs and any unsold tickets to be mailed to Ed, as follows: Ed Spinazzola, 24150 31 Mile Road, Ray Township, MI 48096.

Jay's has been more than supportive for Quality Deer Management and they will have on August 14th their annual kids' day event. We had 11 volunteers last year. Let's show our appreciation by guiding our future leaders, the kids of today. We have scheduled raffle ticket sale days at Jay's as follows. Need your help. Call Frank Myers (517-386-9194) or Ed Spin (810-739-8770 or 810-784-8090).

July 16th through 18th
Side Walk Sales
August 14th Kids Day
September 4th and 5th Labor Day Weekend
September 11th and 12th Anniversary Fall Sales
September 18th QDM Educational Seminar

On another exciting matter, the Thumb Area Branch formation will be finalized shortly! Please contact Branch President Perry Russo, (work) 248-852-0400 or (home) 248-620-1923, if you would like to become a Thumb Branch member, officer or director.

Hope to see you at our next Mid-Michigan Branch meeting at Jay's on July 10th 12:00 p.m. Now that the ice is broken, what thoughts do you have if any for state wide minimum buck rules? This and other interesting subjects will be discussed. There were 16 supporters for DMU 107 who spoke at the last NRC meeting held in Ludington June 9th. I thank them and others who showed up with their support by their presence. Several couldn't be there but did mail or leave a letter of support.

As you have heard before, Rome wasn't built in a day. So too will it take time to establish the concept and acceptance of QDM as a general practice. As Mr. Dick Shellenbarger once told me "good things take time."

Keep the fun in hunting,

Ed Spinazzola

810 784-8090 Home or 810 739-8770 Work