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qdmalogo July 7, 1998

President's Letter

Hi neighbor,

Well Mr. Mark Yenkels proposal for DMU 107 fell short but Mark, the Mid Michigan Branch members and other supporters of it made their presence felt. There was some local opposition to the proposal and the root of it seems to have come from the Clare Chapter of the Michigan Farm Bureau. The state organization was in favor of it and their representative Mr. Scott Evertt mentioned that at the early afternoon NRC May 13 session and they intend to have an education program for their members. The DNR did not support the proposal due to their perception of a lack of public support, which I do not agree with. 60% + support wins every ballot I ever experienced. The lack of support from the DNR I believe was the major factor for denial by the NRC. The DNR. asked Mark to wait till next year when they would have a system set up for groups to follow for mandatory regulations in specific areas. I believe it is this reason, to get a uniform guideline for everyone rather than helter skelter rules, and not lack of public support that the DNR did not support the proposal. If that is their main objection I can accept it because it makes some sense. The DNR is starting the week of July 27 to set up these guidelines. There is expected to be input by various conservation organizations (Mid Michigan Branch included) hopefully these future guidelines lead to true QDM concepts. Are sensible in design and do not need Herculean efforts for qualification.

Let me take the space to thank everyone who participated in Marks DMU 107 proposal. I know I am supposed to mention names but my memory is short and to avoid hurting anyone's feeling please allow me to just say thanks! By the way this includes the DNR and the NRC.

Mark informed me he intends to try again. I have a problem with the constant manipulation of my life created by rule makers just like anybody else, so why did I support Marks proposal? I gave it

a lot of thought and came up with the reason. It's the right thing to do, not for my welfare but as our executive director Mr. Brian Murphy states the main focus of QDM is the welfare of the deer population. So go for it Mark.

Through the efforts of our Secretary Mr. Boyd Wiltse the Executive Director Mr. Bryan Murphy has agreed to allow all QDMA members in Michigan to be also Mid-Michigan Branch members. This just doubled our membership to a little over 200, and this is until other branches are formed. The $5.00 Mid Michigan Branch fee is now dropped with the short fall hopefully made up by raffle ticket sales. For our old members sell those tickets and mail me the stubs and money. For you new members welcome to our fun group and hope to see you all at the annual seminar September 12th and the joint Whitetails Unlimited and Mid-Michigan Branch Banquet.

Keep the fun in hunting

Ed Spinazzola

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