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September 23, 1999

Hi Neighbor,

You can stop holding your breath, for bow hunters the season has arrived. For you others itís just around the corner. We had a successful seminar last Sept. 18th around 100 interested deer hunters and landowners attended. They were intertained, educated and encouraged by our speakers. Mr. Marc Yenkel discussed DMU 107 history and goals; Dr. Bill Moritz represented the DNR and covered the subject on the need of data collection along with the procedure to follow to qualify for mandatory higher buck rules per DMU. Dr. Karl Miller of the Univ. of Georgia gave a very entertaining and informative presentation on deer senses used in their communication (it appears these highly touted deer rut lures may not be as effective as the manufacturers would like you to believe) there is more than one sense (smell) used to start and maintain the rut. Tony Lapratt did his usual intense presentation on hunting tactics and deer management.

The winners of the raffle are as follows. Bob Groves of Ithaca won 1st prize, Les Cosler of Gladwin won 2nd, Robert Thompson of Ft. Gratiot took 3rd, Frank Reinthaler of Shelby Twp. 4th and Jess Perry of Harrison won 5th. Thanks to all who made it happen from selling tickets to helping out at the seminar. There were over 90 members who returned stubs and money.

We will have deer aging and scoring days at jays. It will be from 11:00am to 2:00pm on the following days, Oct. 3rd, Oct. 31st, Nov. 21st, Dec 12th and Jan. 2nd. We have also volunteered to collect deer herds for the T.B. data collection program. Call me at 517-246-0756 for pick up.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 9th 12:00pm at Jayís. There is much activity happening from (6) workshops and branch forming meetings to an ever-expanding membership. There are now over 400 QDM members in Mich. see you at Jayís to hear your input.

Keep the fun in hunting



Ed Spinazzola