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Michigan Branches and general information, including branch officers & contacts, appear below in the order that the branches were formed: 1. Mid-Michigan, 2. Thumb Area, 3. West Shore, 4. Five Rivers, 5. Greater Grand Rapids Area, 6. Montcalm, 7. Eaton County and 8. Branch County.

  1. Mid-Michigan Branch
    The Mid-Michigan Branch was formed in September 1996 by its founder Ed Spinazzola. This was the first QDMA Branch in Michigan and Ed continues to be most active as President and leader of our group in the promotion of Quality Deer Management (QDM). Since the Branch was formed, statewide QDMA membership has increased from 70 to over 1000 members and continues rapidly growing! We hold quarterly (Jan, Apr, July & Oct) meetings at Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare, Michigan and along with the "Quality White-tails" journal of the QDMA, offers a forum for our membership to communicate. There are also periodic mailings keeping Branch members informed of the latest developments in Quality Deer Management and regulations in Michigan and throughout the country.

    • Ed Spinazzola, President, 24150 31 Mile Rd, Ray Township, MI 48096; 586-784-8090 or 586-739-8770; E-mail Address:
    • Frank Myers, Vice-President, 9231 E. Mannsiding Rd, Clare, MI 48617; 517-386-9194
    • Phil Andres, Treasurer, 815 Sleeth Rd , Commerce Township 48382 , MI 48375-2710; 248-360-8221
    • Boyd Wiltse, Secretary, 10365 Winding Valley Rd, Brighton, MI 48116; 810-231-9560; E-mail Address:
    • Directors: Leon Hank, Richard King, Marsha McKee, Bill Sclesky, Linda Thompson, Carl Wheeler, and officers

  2. Thumb Area Branch
    The Thumb Area Branch formation was finalized in June 1999 by its founder Perry Russo with the support of Mid-Michigan members Ed Spinazzola and Boyd Wiltse. Thumb Area members sincerely extend a handshake and thank you to the Thumb Area Branch. This is an exciting time as the Thumb Area Branch becomes the second official QDMA Branch in Michigan. We have come to a time whereby Quality Deer Management exemplifies both the old fundamentals and principles that are anticipated in nature while at the same time offering a renewed common sense approach that addresses those areas requiring change to keep up with the changing demands of nature. As we work together and develop the growing membership for our branch, we're all going to have fun participating on a subject we all love called deer hunting and deer management. As many of you already know, the introduction of DMU 107 as a demonstration area (3-points on one side antler requirement) for 5-years will certainly help promote QDM throughout the state. However, we must continue to encourage and schedule seminars and other functions to help inform landowners and sportsmen as to the benefits of deer management, including deer numbers in line with habitat, a better balanced biological structure of our deer herd, habitat improvement, etc.

    As land owners and hunters, let's formalize our thoughts to enhance deer management for Sanilac, Tuscola and Huron Counties and give the additional birth of a QDM program that will shadow old traditional methods of managing our Michigan deer herd. It helps tremendously if neighboring property owners and hunters are willing to assist in a new approach. Therefore, please communicate with other hunters and spread the word of QDM in their areas so that it may thrive and grow for a better tomorrow.

    QDMA objectives and goals certainly will influence our Michigan deer harvest and furthermore will provide an effective approach to more efficiently manage our deer herd. And let's not forget, it's a participation of many individual efforts with enthusiasm that will allow our organization to grow. A special thanks to the founding Thumb Area Branch board of directors, Perry Russo, Greg Andreski, Lee Brooks, Joseph Jaskowski, Paul Plantinga, Dean Rothgeg, Dave Steenhuizen, Bob Swendsen and John Williams.

  3. Five Rivers Branch
    The Five Rivers Branch formation was finalized in July 2001 by its President Dan Timmons along with the support of QDMA members, especially the Branch Officers and Directors. Congratulations!!!
    Click here for Branch introduction.

  4. West Shore Branch
    The West Shore Branch formation was finalized in early 2000 by its President Gary Andersen with the support of other Michigan Branch members and QDMA National. The Branch held their 1st Annual QDMA Short Course on April 15, 2000 at the Ludington Harbor View Marina. Click here for details Let's offer our congratulations to all the loyal QDMA members of the West Shore Branch!

    • Gary Andersen, President, 1726 West Chilberg , Scottville, MI 49454 ; 616 757 2166.
    • Roger Thompson, Secretary, 4024 South Ordway Road; Custer, MI 49405; 231 757 4332; E-mail

  5. The Greater Grand Rapids Area Branch
    The Greater Grand Rapids Area Branch became Michigan's fifth QDMA branch in August, 2002. Thanks go out to President Rick Smith and all who supported this great effort. Congratulations!!!
    President Rick Smith can be contacted by phone at 616-751-7043 or mail 3741 141st Avenue, Hamilton, MI 49419

  6. Montcalm Branch
    The Montcalm Branch was formed February 13, 2002 and has over a hundred participants. Branch officers and other contacts follow:

  7. Eaton County Branch
    The Eaton County Branch signed their charter April 10, 2002 and currently have 70 members and growing. In our county there are several individual QDM co-operatives that encompass several thousand acres. We have been working dilligently to expand these voluntary co-ops and are also assisting the MDNR in gathering harvest data in our county. We have no plans at this time to persue a mandatory QDM proposal in our DMU but feel that when and if we do that QDM will already be widely recognized and practiced as a preferred alternative to traditional deer management. We owe a special thanks to Perry Russo of the Thumb Branch for his help in getting us started.
    Click here for January 2003 newsletter.
    Click here for 2002 Branch kick-off flyer.

    • Tony Smith, President, (517) 726-BUCK, 5700 Profit Trail, Vermontville, Mi 49096, E-Mail Email:
    • Mike Barnes, Vice President. (517) 663-1278, E-Mail Email:
    • Joel Malcuit, Treasurer. (517) 726-0025 E-Mail , Email:
    • Jim Strader, Secretary. (517) 541-1705 E-Mail , Email:
    • Directors: James Holliday, Mark Malcuit, Jim Shaver, Scott Adams, Robt. Coats, Jim Mosher, Scott Zigler, and Jeff Strader

  8. Branch County Branch
    The Branch County Branch was formed in August 2002.

Perry Russo, Michigan QDMA Regional Director, (248) 930-1400, QDMA, P.O.Box 357, Clarkston, MI 48347; E-mail Address:


Quality Deer Management Association
  • Brian Murphy, Executive Director, QDMA Georgia Office, P.O.Box 227, Watkinsville, Georgia 30677; 800-209-3337; E-mail Address:
  • Executive Board Chairman - Jimmy Bullock
  • Executive Board Members - Dr. Dave Guynn, Joe Hamilton, Robert Manning, Jimmy Bullock, Ed Spinazzola, Mike Goggins, Darrel Daigre, Mark Thomas
  • Leigh Knapp, Office Manager, QDMA, P.O.Box 227, Watkinsville, Georgia 30677; 800-209-3337; E-mail Address:

Click here for deer management history of Brian Murphy, QDMA Executive Director

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