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The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is a non-profit wildlife conservation organization dedicated to ensuring a high-quality and sustainable future for white-tailed deer and white-tailed deer hunting. Founded in 1988, the QDMA currently has over 50,000 members in 48 states and several foreign countries including over 3,000 deer management professionals - more than any other white-tailed deer organization. The QDMA has developed numerous partnerships with state wildlife agencies, timber companies, hunting groups, and product manufacturers. These partnerships have increased both the awareness of the QDMA and participation in the Association's management philosophy, Quality Deer Management (QDM). Without question, the QDMA is rapidly becoming the most respected and influential white-tailed deer organization in the United States.

The QDMA Promotes:

-Safe and ethical hunting.
-Adherence to wildlife and trespass laws.
-Adequate harvests of adult does.
-Restraint in harvesting young bucks.
-Hunter involvement in education and management.
-Cooperation with wildlife biologists and enforcement officers.
-Education of hunters and non-hunters toward a better understanding of wildlife management.
-Stewardship and appreciation of all wildlife.

QDMA Membership and Objectives

     Membership in the QDMA is open to anyone with an interest in the wise management of white-tailed deer. The time has come for all deer hunting enthusiasts, regardless of their choice of weapon or hunting technique, to unite and focus on the common thread that binds them all together - the love of deer hunting and the desire that future generations will be able to experience the great tradition of deer hunting.

General Objectives of the QDMA
     -To serve as a collective and responsible voice for white-tailed deer hunters and managers.
     -To improve the quality of deer herds and hunting experiences through sound deer management.
     -To promote hunter education and participation through the conduct of meetings, seminars, and demonstrations, and through the production of educational materials such as books, videos, and the QDMA's quarterly journal, Quality Whitetails.
     -To promote and financially support deer research and management projects relating to white-tailed deer management and/or recreational hunting.
     -To enhance the public image of deer hunters and deer hunting by providing a code of ethics for members to follow. Click here to review Code!!!

Membership Benefits
journal     -Membership to the QDMA includes a subscription to the QDMAs quarterly journal, Quality Whitetails, a membership patch, and decal.
     -Access to a wealth of other materials such as educational books and videos, deer management equipment, and QDMA merchandise.
     -Opportunities to become involved in a QDMA Branch and attend deer management meetings and seminars.
     Opportunities to support deer research and hunter education programs.

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